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What is Keanu Reeves’s most iconic role?

Kynan Eng, not an actor

Keanu Reeves has had multiple iconic roles, where “iconic” is defined as having a long-lasting impact on popular culture. So far he has had:

  • Theodore Logan in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, which was successful enough to be followed up by a Bogus Journey and now a third film. He played a good-natured high school rock band loser.
  • Johnny Utah in Point Break. He shared the credits with Patrick Swayze on this one. Reeves was in the role of an FBI agent investigating armed robbery.
  • Neo in the Matrix trilogy. He played a hacker in a real/virtual conflict.
  • John Wick in the trilogy of the same name. He played an assassin who exacts revenge on the killers of his dog.

That is quite a record - three movie franchises, plus another that was remade later on (Point Break, in a much weaker version). It is an impressive hit rate for an actor who is often assumed to have roughly the same character as his role in the Bill and Ted movies.

What is even more remarkable is that his iconic characters have been quite different to each other. While actors such as Tom Hanks and Leonardo di Caprio are seen as “serious”, Keanu can also be said to have performed a wide range of characters. He has done his share of romantic roles too.
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